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SJW-WB series three-phase microcomputer contactless compensation voltage stabilizer
    Publish time 2017-03-14 09:15    
SJW-WB series three-phase microcomputer contactless compensation voltage stabilizer
SJW - WB  series  three - phase  microcomputer  contactless  compensation voltage stabilizer  ( hereinafter referred to as voltage stabilizer ) is  the  latest high - power  AC  voltage  stabilization  power supply,  designed  with  the  international  advanced  technology and on the basis of our country national conditions.It integrates  sophisticated  compensation  mode  of  compound  windings,  contactless  switch  and  technology  of microcomputer  control  AC  voltage regulation, has the features of high efficiency, energy-saving, fast adjustment, automatic balance of three phases, no machinery malfunction or carbon brush wearing and has the function of time delay,  over voltage or under  voltage  alarming  and protection. In addition, this voltage stabilizer can successfully prevent  contactless  switch  being  damaged  for  co - state  current impact and over voltage produced by transient running  of system  and unit,  has strong instantaneous overload ability,  so  it  can greatly improv e the reliability of system operation.
Required Technical Specifications
1         Output Power:30-500KVA
2         Input Voltage:300-480V A.C Three- phase
3         Output voltage:380V ±5% A.C Three- phase
4         Input Frequency:47-53Hz; Output Frequency:50Hz
6       Control type: thyristor Controlled,Duty cycle :100% continuous
8         Cooling type:Air-cooled type.Winding insulation class:     H
10        Insulation resistance            01 GΩ
11        Input / output Connection      4 Pole MCB, 200 amps (minimum)
12        Manual ON / OFF:Through circuit breaker (German, France made)
13        Circuit breaker rating          45-750 Amps.
14  Input / output power cables        Copper conductor 4-core90mm2 not less than 3.5 meter length
15        Cable brand manufacturer    Pakistan Cables, Pioneer Cables, New age
16        Casing:Mild Steel,   Efficiency:≥95%
18        Earthing                           25mm2 single core Copper conductor
19        Steel rack  :ETSI standard rack (to accommodate Line Conditioners)
20     Steel enclosure (for indoor installation) with proper ventilation and cable routing holes To accommodate Line Conditioner for indoor installation
21        Operating temperature   :-10oC to +55oC,   Humidity:0-100%
23  Alarm indications i)  Input available              “ON”  (green)
ii) Output available :“ON”  (green);iii) Output not available : “OFF” (red)
iv) Alarm condition  “ATTN” (yellow)
v) Any other alarm indication  “vender can state”
24        Warrantee period                At least TWO years
25        Faulty equipment turn  around time after repair 10 days
26        Three Phase with neutral Surge Protection  B+D
27  International Standards for product compliance  ANSI, IEEE





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